Monday, January 30, 2012

Production Post #2: Character Design - Lori and Captain Harrison

So this production post will be fairly simple. These are the early designs for the characters of Lori and Captain Harrison, of whom we introduced last week. Some of these designs are a few years old, especially the designs of Lori, which range from two to four years old.

These are the very first concept drawings of Lori. Over time, Lori would become somewhat of a combination of the three designs. It was eventually decided that these designs would be used for Lori's sisters.

Lori has always been a character with attitude. The trick is to find a way to make sure her attitude doesn't push an audience away. That is still the challenge we face as we write our stories for "Unbroken Skies".

Eventually I tried to make Lori a bit She quickly became less energetic and uninteresting. 
This was the first step in the right direction. Lori finally started to feel like a character. There were some tweaks here and there (mostly with the hair) but this face mostly stayed the same.
Again, a few tweaks here and there but this design is final for the most part. 
Ha! This is a terrible drawing, but it is the first sketch I made of the captain. I was being a tad bit too literal with the Samurai theme. I did very few drawings of the captain over the past four years. He wasn't meant to be featured much in the story so I didn't worry about his design until recently, where I had to have a final design within a week and a half. 
A quick sketch of the "new captain", who is a little more serious. Eventually we settled on a character who would be a cross between Harrison Ford and Gregory Peck. Hence the name, Captain Harrison ; ).
 There are plenty more concept designs to share. Stay tuned as we introduce more and more of the world of "Unbroken Skies". : )

Art by - Vince Medellin

Story by - Paul Dodson, Dave Shapiro and Vince Medellin

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