Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Opening the Hangar

As a child, my Saturday mornings started at 6 am when I dragged myself from a warm bed to watch Robotech with a bowl of cereal. That started the best six hours of my week. I’d bounce from channel to channel, buzzing on a sugar high, watching the best cartoons I could find and discovering the meaning of adventure. Eventually, I’d reach the afternoon wasteland of sports and nature documentaries, and I would stumble outside to continue those adventures in my head. It ruined me for life but in an absolutely amazing way.

I’ve gone back in my adulthood and tried to enjoy those cartoons. Unfortunately, the ProStars just can’t blow my mind anymore. My tastes have matured, my expectations changed (for the better, I think), and I find those adventures of my childhood…lacking. That is where Unbroken Skies begins. My creative partner and I want a cartoon that tells a particular breed of adventure story. We want a Saturday morning cartoon with more sophisticated ideas and more complex characters. If you’ve turned on the TV on a Saturday morning lately, you probably know that cartoon isn’t on the schedule. So we’ve decided to create it.

This blog will chronicle our process as we develop our story. We plan to have a booth at Planet Comicon in Kansas City this March. At the con, we’ll be selling our first Unbroken Skies product: Santos’ Journal. Who is Santos, and why should you care about his journal? Well, keep coming back and find out. Each Wednesday, we’ll post a blog with new art and more information about the Unbroken Skies. You’ll meet our heroes and explore their world. So grab your bomber jacket, zip up your flight suit, and strap into the cockpit. The hangar is open, and we’re about to take off!

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